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Benefits of logging in to the PLAYFILM.TO

1. You can post comments on movies.
2. You can rate movies from 1 to 10.
3. You can request to add a movie to watch.
4. You can add movies to your favorites page.
5. You can add movies to your watched page.
6. You can add links to movies where to download etc.


Video Sources

PLAYFILM.TO use two basic sources. Hosting and Torrent.

Hosting player is one where someone uploaded the video to a server that is designed to share and play videos, such as YouTube, and on PLAYFILM.TO is a link to that video on that server.

Torrent player is player that downloads video from the computers of people who are connected to the Internet and shares the video file on their PC. You can also download the video directly. If no one shares the video on the Internet, the video will not play and download. Be patient. 


Hosting Player Subtitles Settings

The subtitles are controlled from the CC panel, which is located in the video player, at the bottom right.
– You can change the subtitles to another language (if available).
– You can set the font and size (captions settings).
– You can turn the subtitles off (captions off).
– You can also upload your own subtitles in srt or vtt format (srt / vtt from pc or srt / vtt from url).

If you did not find the captions in the list of captions, you can click on the “Subtitles” link next to the poster. A page will open with subtitles that you can download and then insert into the movie, see the last bullet in the “Subtitles settings” chapter.


Torrent Player Subtitles Settings

The subtitles are controlled in the player on the CC panel, which is located at the bottom right:
– In the “Attached” field, you can select subtitles, if available.
– In the “OpenSubtitles” field you can select subtitles that are uploaded on the server https://opensubtitles.org. Remember that captions may not fit the version of the video.
– In the “Upload” field you can upload your own subtitles in srt or vtt format.
– In the “Size” field you can set the size of the subtitles.


Report an error

If you cannot play the movie, the link to download the movie will not work or you will find any errors, so click on the link “Report an error”, describe the error, fill in your email, to which we will reply and send the form.


3D Movies

For some movies, you can play the movie in 3D Half Side by Side (HSBS).


3D HSBS – Play on Mobile

Using the Cardboard, in which you insert the mobile phone, you put the Cardboard to your eyes and play the movie. Look to https://google.com/cardboard/.


3D HSBS – Play on 2D monitor and 2D TV

You need 3D glasses, but not on a 3D TV or 3D monitor.

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